We love hearing from our patients about their personalized experiences at CYNERGY Physical Therapy + CYNERGY Upper Extremity.While we have expanded Cynergy to five locations in NY, our core values and One-on-One approach is exactly the same…

Physical Therapy + Occupational / Hand Therapy that's always ONE-ON-ONE.  Every visit. Every time.  

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We treasure our close working relationships with all of our patients. We take pride in maintaining strict confidentiality - please note any patient listed eagerly approved us to share their kinds words in hope of helping someone else that may require treatment. 

Thank you for all of your support and being part of #teamcynergy.  Head, shoulders, knees, + toes. Hands, elbows, fingers, and wrists. 

CYNERGY Upper Extremity - Midtown East has been a complete life changer... more specifically my therapist Christine Rodriguez. 

I am finally feeling so much better and stronger than I ever thought was possible. I had a complicated arm injury that was affecting my right hand, combined with terrible posture and sitting at a computer for long hours - no fun. 

My doctor highly recommended Christine Rodriguez, Director of Cynergy UE. She is an Occupational Therapist + a Certified Hand Therapist which was exactly the approach needed to treat my condition. I now understand why my doctor recommended Christine, as she is truly a treasure.  I am so thankful. Christine was highly empathic, super on-point with her expertise, healing touch, and her motivated words that helped me keep up the faith that I would recover. Every session was One-on-One; I actually looked forward to my sessions, Christine and her team offered me kindness, emotional support and motivation  for a successful recovery. Did I mention the practice is one of the most beautiful spaces for a Physical/ Occupational practice.  

The space is gorgeous, but most importantly my care with Christine was outstanding. Thank you Cynergy and Christine! I am so excited to enjoy this summer season playing tennis again.. Highly recommend.

Beyond thankful to Shereen Tan for getting me back or should I say in BETTER condition than I have ever felt..words aren't enough to show my appreciation for her expertise, understanding personality, and being my motivational leader to me while I was injured.

I was throughly impressed by Shereen's medical insights, and the ability to identify my bad habits that were also attributing to making my injury worse.. She took the time to educate me on the ways to practice my new physical therapy regime everyday. It is true what they say "knowledge is power." 

Previously before coming to Cynergy, I went to PT before at another practice in the city (which was one of there reasons I was hesitant about getting into PT again) and it was ok, but I spent most of my session by myself doing the exercises that I could have been doing at home. Cynergy is a whole different type of physical therapy. I knew immediately how different it was- I just smiled on the inside:)

Every session was one on one with Shereen.. and that is quite amazing! I had her all to myself and actually got better much quicker and felt excited to go to my sessions. I had wasted so much time being injury, I was eager to get better. And I certainly did... I also had the pleasure to get to know Shereen personally and she is quite an inspiration to listen to.

A big thank you to the lovely ladies -Gretchen and Jennifer who made making my appointments easy and handled my insurance details as if I had my own personal assistant!!

All my gratitude and thanks- Just in time for summer !


I have been in PT since 1989, for all sorts of injuries (sprained ankle, lower back, upper back, hip, shoulder) on both the West Coast and East Coast-  I can state without a doubt -- that Cynergy Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy out there.  Cynthia herself is so knowledgeable and communicates that knowledge to you, the patient, in whatever dose is right for you (for me, that's big doses).  Cynthia also happens to have a wonderful, positive spirit, which is shared by her upbeat and competent staff.  And the facility is bright, sunny, extremely well-equipped, and well-located.  You couldn't ask for anything more.  I would never go anywhere else other than Cynergy.

I've been a patient of Cynthia's for almost ten years now!  She's seen me through shoulder surgery and countless back issues.  She's now helping me through my third pregnancy.  A month ago I felt like my body was falling apart, pain in my hip, knee, back, everywhere.  After two visits, some intense massage and simple exercises, I feel back to normal- or as normal as it gets at six months pregnant.

Cynthia is incredibly perceptive, she knows immediately what your body needs.  If you're willing to do the work, she will get you back to full function.  She's also fun and easy to talk to, making visits fly by.  I've recommended her to several friends and family members over the years and they have all been impressed by her skills. Cynergy office's are state-of-the art and well organized with helpful and sweet staff. Highly recommend!

I was unfortunately hit by a cab last February and fractured my pelvis in two places. My no fault benefits were not valid for physical therapy, and Cynergy took the time to sort a plan for me that would work.  They are all so friendly, kind and helpful. I am truly thankful.. 

My therapist Alvin is phenomenal!!! He pushes me to do my best without causing me pain. After my very 1st session, I could feel my pain decrease and now I'm probably even stronger than I was before the accident. In only one month! My friends and family are shocked at my progress and I always tell them it's because I have the best physical therapist in Manhattan! Cynergy is the place to be healed..

I can't say enough good things about Cynergy!  I am probably a physical therapy expert, having had more knee surgeries done than you can imagine. Been to way too many physical therapy clinics.  Every part of the Cynergy experience is top notch!

The desk staff is friendly, attentive and accommodating.  I started seeing Kristen for knee pain from patellar tendonitis.  I love her!  She is willing to work with my limitations and deals in my "reality" (meaning what I will/won't do).  They make your experience very personal, as they don't over-schedule.  You don't feel like you are being treated like a number by your therapist or they're pushing you out the door to get to the next patient.  The facility is very clean and it's well located, very close to the subway.  

If you need to see a physical therapist, you need to come to Cynergy!!

Your ability to diagnose the root causes for physical malfunctions continues to amaze me.  Your ability to then move to an effective in-office treatment methodology as well as an at-home exercise regimen is second to none.  Thank you!

My experience with Cynthia is multi-faceted. I am privileged to call her a colleague and lucky to have been a patient. Her method of treatment is unique to her personality and knowledge. She heals and teaches simultaneously, so you leave her care more aware of maintaining the successes you have gained under her guidance.

Cynthia brings a truly inspiring amount of positive energy to the rehab process–to the point where I would actually look forward to physical therapy (coming back from a painful ACL reconstruction, that is saying a lot). I have recommended a number of teammates to Cynthia, and she continues to do wonders for aging athletes as we strive to hold on to the glory days.

Cynthia is a pro when it comes to rehabilitation. I’m training for the 2004 New York City Marathon and seem to hurt something new every week. Fortunately, with Cynthia’s advice and expertise, I’m always back on the road in no time. Her patience and dedication are only topped by her positive energy ó I’m her biggest fan!