CYNERGY l Grand Central is our boutique clinic centrally located in Grand Central that we like to call our "healing home."  We are a facility filled with happy faces and eager-to-please Physical Therapists. Our therapists and staff are here to serve you. As soon as you step off the elevator, you are a part of the Cynergy Physical Therapy family. Not only do we offer one-on-one care to each and every individual, but we strive to help you through the healing process. By teaching  correct form, home exercises and different ways to handle real-life situations where stress might be added to an affected area, our care is comprehensive.  A team approach is taken to each patient.  We believe, even outside of our location, you are growing and learning more about your body and ways to keep it healthy!

Inside our facility near Grand Central Station, we offer state of the art equipment.  We use cold laser therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation when needed to help reduce inflammatory responses while always offering the one-on-one care that has made Cynergy Physical Therapy stand out from the rest.  With the well trained eye of one of our Physical Therapists, healing is a process that we make easy and fun.