Don't ignore the "popping" noise from your knee… Blog tip by: Dr. Alvin Dike


Are you hearing a "popping" noise and feeling as if your knee is giving...

United Airlines Half Marathon l Where running, physical therapy and goals meet.

Some things never change.  I have always hated the cold weather.  I admit it. Yes, I am that person that bundles in layers even when I’m inside. Yes, that person that requests the heat be turned up ‘just a little bit more’ and eagerly begins countdown to spring weather in November.

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Introducing Our New Chelsea Location

Our newest location in Chelsea will feature a new member of the Cynergy team, Toni Menge, a certified hand therapist. Our office is unique in that it is one of the few locations to offer such care.

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Injury Prevention Tips for Winter

With winter comes shorter days, frigid temperatures, comfort foods and of course, the urge to hibernate indoors. But long periods of inactivity, coupled with over-indulgence, can decrease your fitness level. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can stay healthy and fit with steps to prevent injury this winter season.

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Why Physical Therapy is Important

Physical therapy is committed to helping a patient restore, maintain and promote physical function and wellness. Physical therapists specialize in the diagnosis and management of movement and dysfunction and help patients reduce pain and optimize their functional mobility.

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